iPhone Jailbreak & Unlock in less than 10 minutes.
Includes updates, customer service + money back guarantee in case of malfunction.

Jailbreak & Unlock
(SIM – Lock removal)
In less than 10 minutes

Remove the built in restrictions of your iPhone with a product recognised by independent software experts*. Many thousands of iPhone users have safely unlocked and jailbroken their iPhone with our easy, understandable tutorial. The tutorials work for every model of iPhone (5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3) as well as all firmwares. This includes the latest iOS. You will get access to the required software as well as the easy, understandable tutorial, which will lead you step by step to the end result. In less than 10 minutes your iPhone will be jailbroken & unlocked and you will be able to use it fully. After the UNLOCK and JAILBREAK many more additional features will be available to you, which are not accessible with a locked iPhone.

Any more questions? Contact our customer service team (Mo – Fr. 8.00 am – 6.00 p.m.).

* 9/10 for software security
* 8/10 for usability
* 9/10 for product quality

iOS 7 Jailbreak

Please check that Jailbreak and Unlock are available for your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Info on your iPhone.


What you get: Easy-to-read tutorial, access to software, updates and customer service.
(Mo. – Fr. 8.00 am – 6.00 pm)

How it works?

After check out you will have immediate access to the jailbreaking/unlocking tutorial and software. Next, connect your iPhone to your PC and you are ready to get jailbreaking/unlocking. By following the tutorial you can perform the process in minutes. Our products work with both PCs and Macs. Don´t worry, you don’t need to be a technical expert! The software is really easy to use. By using our tutorials and support service, you will ensure an easy to follow and reliable jailbreak/unlock process.


For any unanswered questions, please email us at support@iphone-jailbreak.biz

Which iPhones can I jailbreak and unlock with this product?
All iPhones can be jailbroken and unlocked using this product. This includes the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S/5C.
I have made an iOS update. Can I jailbreak and unlock my iPhone again?
Yes! As soon as a new iOS version has been published, you can jailbreak and unlock your iPhone again using this tutorial and software.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Our solution is 100% safe and does not affect Apple`s warranty. Additionally, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee in case of malfunction.
Is my iPhone warranty available after jailbreak?
Yes, you don’t lose your warranty after jailbreak. The warranty is void if you make any modifications to your device. Since a full restore through iTunes is always possible, all the changes provided by the jailbreak can be erased and your device can be restored to default settings in order to send it back to an Apple store.
Can I start immediately?
Yes! As soon as you have checked out, you will receive personalized instant access and can start unlocking.
Is it complicated?
No, our tutorial guides you step-by-step to a successful jailbreak / unlock of your iPhone.
Is it legal to unlock & jailbreak my iPhone?
Yes, it’s 100% legal, and you cannot get in to any legal trouble after unlocking/jailbreaking your iPhone. The phone is your property and you can do whatever you like with your device.
Why should I not be using other available jailbreak software?
Because there are some dangers for using random and unreliable jailbreaking software: your iPhone could be „bricked” if the software isn’t compatible with your running iOS version and you also may not get any assistance from a support department.

We promise:

  • Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone.
  • Thousands of free apps and programs.
  • No technical knowledge necessary.
  • Save up to 50% of your costs.
  • Use any mobile service provider.


  • Money-back-guarantee in the case of malfunction.
  • Works with all firmware versions.
  • Does not affect Apple´s warranty.
  • 100% support of our customer support team.
  • Return your iPhone to the locked mode whenever you want.

Reasons to unlock & jailbreak? Quick run through of the major advantages here:

Use a local carrier while travelling abroad.
International roaming rates are extremely high, even if you have activated an international plan with your carrier. After unlocking, you are able to use any network, which means any local or foreign SIM cards of major operators, such as AT&T or Orange.
Save a lot of money on calls and applications.
You are free to decide how much to spend on apps and calls. You could save constantly using a range of jailbreak tweaks, such as Google Voice Mobile or 3G Unrestrictor, which allow you to make free calls and text messages.
Siri for older iPhone versions.
After jailbreaking you can use Siri on iPhone 3GS and 4S or iPod Touch. A tweak called Spire can help you install it on your device. Siri allows you to send emails, make calls, set appointments and other actions by only using voice commands. It’s a smart application that understands your commands, reminds you about dates, activates alarms, and can even answer your questions. Google’s Voice Search is a new alternative to Siri, which is available after iPhone jailbreak.
I bought my iPhone from a carrier but now I want to use a prepaid SIM card.
You are able to do that after unlocking your device. Choose any SIM card from any provider you like.
Access to Cydia.
This is a huge stock of jailbreak apps and tweaks. A lot of software packages are free to download and use. Some others are available at a very low price. These tweaks can only run on jailbroken devices and provide you with great possibilities not available from the App Store.
Thousands of themes, free ring tones and funny tweaks.
Cydia provides thousands of apps and themes, most of the apps bring a unique function. You should definitely try Winterboard. It´s themes are chic, cool, fully customizable and come with color-keyboard designs.
A tailored lock screen.
The app Intelliscreen provides all the information you need on your lock screen: news, calendar, text messages, email, weather, reminders and taskbar items all in one place.
Transform your SpringBoard into a PC desktop.
By using Gridlock and Barrel jailbreak tweaks, you can arrange the items how you want, add new shortcuts or various SpringBoard transition effects.
Sync using Wi-Fi.
Synchronize your iPhone with iTunes wirelessly!
Adobe Flash on your iPhone.
Use the app Flash to view Adobe Flash on mobile Safari: Now you can see all kind of animations on your jailbroken iPhone.
FaceTime with 3G.
My3G allows you to use FaceTime without Wi-Fi. Now you can make calls without the required use of a wireless connection.
Awesome options for SMS.
BiteSMS is a jailbreak app that lets you reply to an SMS without closing the application you are currently using. Provide a quick answer without interrupting your activities, via SMS, FaceTime or even Skype. You can also send SMS’s without unlocking your iPhone (just a double click on the volume button), create a password for your SMS folders, add signatures and so on!
Control your iPhone from your PC.
Now you can transfer your iPhone interface to your PC and manage everything from there using a mouse. It’s very easy and convenient to use. Take full advantage of your jailbroken iPhone, even if it’s in another room or in your bag.
Customize your settings right at your fingertips.
SBSettings allow you to modify the menu interface and bring the main toggle switches on to your home-screen. It takes over the most important settings: 3G, Wi-Fi, memory, Bluetooth, running processes, brightness and contrast.
Save Internet costs.
Tether is a jailbreak app that shares your iPhone internet connection for free. Now you can avoid paying a lot of money for internet tethering with an iPhone. Another cool jailbreak app for internet sharing is MyFi.
An iPod within your iPhone.
By using iRemix, a variety of great features are available for listening to music: playlist management, song cutter, fast browsing and other functions right inside your player.
Unlimited features for video.
Run OpenStreamer on your jailbroken iPhone. It is a fast internet media player that allows you to play back local media and internet streams in any format. OpenStreamer has a number of performance and quality options.
Nes4iPhone, Pro Evolution Soccer and even Nintendo games are available on an iPhone after a jailbreak. There are too many free games to count, or even name the best of them here. If you are a gamer, jailbreak is the easiest solution to make a real gaming machine out of your iPhone.
Music sharing.
Share instantly your favorite tunes via Twitter, Facebook, hubs, mail and bookmarking websites.
Filter your calls and messages.
iBlacklist allows you to block unwanted calls, SMS and provides a range of options for their management: pick users you are happy to receive calls from, hide SMS and remove pop-up questions.
Make VoIP calls over 3G/EDGE/GPRS connections.
A nice tweak called VoIPover3G is able to trick iPhone applications by enforcing them to work while they are on 3G/EDGE/GPRS connections.
Efficient file management.
New options for your files and folders: drag and drop, management via Wi-Fi. OpenSSH is a great tool for that. The main advantage of this jailbreak app is that it allows you to transfer files to and from your device. File Viewer gives you an overview of the whole iPhone file system, also acting as a search engine for your files.